Meant to do just a sketch, yikes.

So, yeah, have you guys checked out shock777's Teen Titans fantasu AU yet?

(This is based off of both designs by shock777 and nikanono but I wanted to change up stuff to adjust to my style and balance out my picture D8 )



{CCS Secret Santa} StarX & FioLee ~ I Knew You Were Trouble

by Moones95


Published on Dec 26, 2013

Merry Christmas Miss IDGAF :D

I had plans on adding Zuko X Katara in the last part of the song but I didn’t have enough time for that XD

Credits (deviantArt):
0:00 Amy (WendyAtticus)
0:01 Fionna (Biruri)

0:28 & 0:52 Teen Titans X (pinku)…
0:32 StarX (CaramelApple)…
0:47 StarX Kiss (CaramelApple)
0:59 StarX Kiss? (TarelElenar)

1:46 & 1:58 A Long Song (DrawingGirl546)…
1:49 ATFC (Little-Miss-Boxie)

Yay for finding awesome comics XD

Song: I knew you were trouble
Artist: Taylor Swift
Show used: Teen Titans, Adventure Time (Fionna and Cake (season 3 episode 5a) & Bad Little Boy (Season 5 Episode 11))

tarisilmarwen have you seen this? Haha!

I should really clean up some pics for prints and actually participate in an artist’s alley.

I’m excited.

We have to buy animation paper and a pegbar, and I’m excited because I’d never get to play with those if I didn’t have so many credits transferred over and the freedom to take animation department classes. 8)

hannasedai replied to your post: WHAT THE WHAT THE HELL Okay, this is a…

but…it’s still the middle of July?!! D: noooooooooooo

Right?  He sent more stuff too, hahaha.

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Wha? Holy shit.

RIGHT??  ヽ(゜Д゜)ノ︵ ┻━┻

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((((;゜Д゜))) WHY ARE YOU SO NICE, aww, aww, I will try to live up to that, thank you! 

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If I were near where you are, I would make cake and pasta and leave it by your door the way some people feed strays. I’d also probably use your computer while you sleep. Don’t worry, not a jerk, won’t bother the hotkeys.

I remember how you used to feed strays in your Japan apartment and would happily dig in the bushes for your pasta and cakes. T^T

(And I also find that hilaaaarious since David USED to used my computer while I slept for that weird period of time when we were 19, hahahaha!!)



Okay, this is a record.  We just got our first homework from my Drawing for Animation teacher, for fall. 8| NBD, Do a sketchbook full of stuff, ready to turn in on the first day. Oh thank god I misread, we only officially turn in a few out of the whole book.

sosogoodinblue asked:
Oh wow it is so cool to see your art on tumblr. I remember seeing it on the TeenTitansGo Oekaki back in the day an being so jealous and just in awe of your work. I'm glad you're still making art!


Whaaaat, wow!  I didn’t hang around there for very long so it’s surprising that you recognized my work, but then again people were really nice there. :D  Thanks for saying hi!  I hope you’re still drawing.

Anonymous asked:
i wish DC would take cues from you and publish your wonderful, fantastic stories. You go, woman!


I do not want to be a part of the paid DC workforce. They are absolutely toxic to their writers, more concerned with making money than being true and fair to characters. More importantly, it wouldn’t me my work anymore. I’d have to answer to someone else, make my writing fit into someone else’s idea and direction.

No. That’s not really for me.

You know, if I lived in America, I would totally hook up with Pinkuchama, PG-Chan and Katergator and we’d make an incredibly awesome online comic which would completely kill DC and Marvel.

So I’m imagining PG and I go on an Australian cruise and whoops, Katergator and Star of Airdrie happened to be on the same ship and wow we all ended up in the same cafe somewhere because all that shipping makes you thirsty, hey, look, that lady over there looks like Kry, wow, could you imagine the nuclear fallout??

(Aw geez, you guys, I hope you don’t think I’m feeling troubled by this. I’m not. 8) Most people aren’t dicks and fandom is mostly fun; just tired of being polite!)

Look, I’m a nobody.  And that’s why attribution is important.

When you repost the artwork of a nobody, the least you can do is link back to their gallery.  I can’t directly make money on my fanart, so at the very least an artist like me is really only able to collect a high five for my stuff, and an opportunity to gush with someone new about fandom. 

It’s not like all artists post online for praise.  While comments are useful to me for various reasons I’m not dying for them, I’m dying to be a fan with people.  But if that’s what I wanted, I think it’s a fair exchange to show artwork and get a link back.  For some people, it’s the first time they’ve ever seen somebody like a piece.  To some artists (new ones, especially) it means the world to them.

Yet, somehow people are too fucking put out to link back or just respect an artists’s wishes or even fucking read them.  It doesn’t cost you anything to link back, and yet people are such pieces of shit that they can’t even hit ctrl+c and ctrl+v.  People spend more time tagging work for their own blogs, which takes WAY more time than a copy+paste URL in your description.  If I just described you, yeah, at best I think you’re rude and at worst I think you’re a lazy piece of shit, incapable of creating anything of any value (which is why art gets stolen) because even your basic curation skills suck.  I’m also sure words like that would roll off of a shitty person’s back because they have to; it’s a lot of work to commit to staying shitty.  I get it.

I joined tumblr after a three-year hiatus in which I deleted everything of mine online (with a couple exceptions) and didn’t speak to people outside of one art forum, and this kind of crap was definitely a major factor in that decision.  I started posting again as a way to show I wasn’t quitting art (which I considered), but to also participate in fandom.  So let me fucking participate.  Artists aren’t fucking media machines, and you may actually find that being considerate to them makes them want to share more work.  But GJ being a parasite and killing the host.  Whatever.

mrjaketerror asked:
It's Luigi. Red X has always been Luigi.


writing4evah asked:
I see A LOT of Red X fanart on your blog (not just the comic), and I was wondering who you believe Red X is. In actuality, and/or who you hope it is.

Originally I didn’t think it was Jason Todd, and thought it was [redacted because WE INTEND TO FINISH TTX, SORRY D8], but as time has passed I honestly prefer it to be open-ended.  I don’t ever want to know.  There are theories I like more than others (and really that’s based on the associated fanwork being believable/good), and let’s be real I draw him based on personal preferences (black-haired guyssss DX) but my favorite thing about Red X has become the range of what he is to people, and his being so cunning that nobody’s gonna know unless he lets them. Removing the mystery would probably ruin it for me.