pg-chan replied to your photo “I didn’t hear who our guest inker will be tonight in sequentials class…”

omg, those bug arms/legs! Does she have wings that’ll unfurl too? :3 Or antennae? Does she eat flowers? ;_; omg, so cute.

See, I love her and think she’s adorable.  8);;;;;;;;;;;

But technically, she, uh, would eat her boyfriend.  She’s gonna rip his wings off of his back (because this is a comic version of hide’s Pink Spider, with some small adjustments~ :D ).

Otherwise, though, she’s adorable and sweet!  Except for that one time she killed her boyfriend to escape her mundane, prejudice-filled life. 8|;;;;;


pinkuchama replied to your post “Hey Kry,

At this point it sounds better than just death. Cautiously hopeful. Would love to WORK on it! 8|

You know….

I mean, as much as I don’t want Nightwing to die…

Why write a death scene if you’re not going to make it stick for once? In this case, no matter what, Batman is going to figure out Dick’s not dead. Why fake a death scene for us?

Apart from the outraged fans. And the money. And the dramas.

It’s getting old DC. It really is. If you want a death to be impactful, stop having it be meaningless. Stop resurrecting characters. Stop giving long, drawn out death scenes.

My absolute favourite death scenes were written by Joss Whedon. Anya and Wash. You know those ones, everyone knows those ones. They’re so fucking sudden, wham, and those beloved characters are just gone. Their deaths mean something.

I mean, Nightwing is slated to die, even if Dick Grayson doesn’t. The issue isn’t even out yet. We still have a month to wait before he goes. 

But we already know he won’t die. Doesn’t that ruin the climax?

AHH. My phone lost my clearer reply, but in short: 

Sigh, it’s a double-edged deal with me.  It’s bigger than just the death of Nightwing in this instance, or RHATO’s problems, it’s everything wrong with superhero comics.  It’s more unfortunate just because I’m probably always gonna be a superhero fan (which is why I think a lot of us have problems with this stuff).

Superhero comics have ruined my expectation for quality anymore, because death is trivial, and anything good is a miracle due to myopic editorial decisions.

My biggest problem is the goddamned universe bullshit.  Really, at this point as far as I’m concerned, DC stuff takes place on Earth #IDon’TGiveACrap.  People trip over themselves to stick to continuity, which in turn makes them rely on stupid reboots and trivial deaths to hawk books.  I see this as a fault of the fans and superhero comics, because on one hand we needed to know which universe things occurred in, to make sense of Golden Age nonsense, but at this point I feel like it’s moot because we all actually know why this happens (culture changes and some things become dated/absurd in hindsight) but somehow don’t just accept it and enjoy a damned thing.  If we had a place where titles ended because stories ended, and made new ones borrowing from superhero stories in the same manner as we use basic templates for folklore (sorta like how anyone can write a vampire story but there are basic rules) we wouldn’t have to be so mad about retcon bullshit, because there would be no need for it.  We have so much that we don’t have to retell an origin.  In fact, doing so has just pissed a bunch of people off.

Give that, at this point I see Nightwing’s death, this early in New52verse, as a quick way to cut off the bleeding of previous mistakes and do something new.  I’m cool with that, as long as they make up for it by doing something better.  I know why he has to die if they want a new book— they need to rebrand a new title.  It’s just so painful and obvious that they shouldn’t make the story suffer by doing this (further trivializing fictional death).

And the ability to end a story in the first place is why I like the animated universe so much more, and why I quit superheroes for manga for such a long time.  Death means more in these shorter iterations, because time is limited. 

So at this point I just pay attention to regime changes in creative teams (when one I like leaves, quality is up in the air until something competent picks up the title again), and want to wait and see what happens before deciding what I think.  I just hope they’ll stop quickly enough, if it turns out badly.

Anonymous asked:
You're an extremely talented artist that could represent anything. Why do you choose to depict celebrities and iconic figures? I believe your artwork could have so much more merit and can contribute much more to society then just entertainment. You even have your symbol as the golden spiral, which I find rather smug for an artist who creates "fan art". I don't intend to offend, it just greatly bothers me to see such a talented artist create advertisement and I would like to know why.


Oh boy.

"Smug" is arbitrarily thinking that one entire genre of art is less than another. 

"Smug" is anonymous back-handed compliments that insult an entire group of artists while trying to police what I choose to make.

"Smug" is thinking that you bestow merit to art and decide its value or contribution to society — or that it needs to do that to begin with.

"Smug" is believing that advertisements are something that automatically lessens art when some of the best painters and works throughout art history, from Leonardo to Caravaggio to Rockwell and Leyendecker have worked in advertising for clients (churches included).

"Smug" is looking at my portfolio of hundreds of paintings over 3 years that cover dozens of genres, styles, subject matters, clients, and sits everywhere from the internet, to billboards, album covers, magazine covers, galleries, newspapers, movie posters, bus-sides, books, homes of friends, strangers, and celebrities, and still choosing to think that I am one thing — a thing that is just as valuable to me as everything I’m paid for professionally.

"Smug" is being a smug dicklet and throwing in “I don’t intend to offend” to cushion the smug dickletishness of it all.

"Smug" is not seeing a simplistic connection between realism in painting and the golden rule that is genre-irrelevant, but again insulting an entire group of artists while commenting on something you haven’t bothered to understand. 

But most of all, “Smug” is thinking that I, or any artist, owes you anything. We can make whatever we want, however we want to. I will keep making advertisements, I will keep making album covers, I will keep making posters for games and movies, I will keep making all that I’m hired to do and choose to take on, but I will also keep making fan art because despite the merit or value that you’ve decided it has — I want to — and that’s all the reason I need.

Take your soggy waffle compliments and fuck the fuck off. Viva la fan art.


A thumbnail, rocket engine, and tool designs.  Doing visdev for a (hypothetical) adaptation of Red Hood and the Outlaws to animation.  (OMG drawing those mechanical things was so fun.  Wow, I drew them so quickly.)  

Those colors, they’re just blah gradient maps; not the real ones yet.

Anonymous asked:
Really you're not going to finish that RHAtO picture?! I think it would be beautiful!

Sggfghhcxscgxafdf of course I’d love to!

But ONE MONTH OF SCHOOL left, so I’m scrambling.

Oh and then I’m going to Japan for summer school so, who even knows what’s happening, I have no breaks. D8

Anonymous asked:
This is a bit of a random question but what would you say a beginner artist should learn at first ? Also there are so many things out there to learn in art. It's so overwhelming owo

(Sorry, I can’t answer quickly because weekdays are busy, and I wanted to think about this a little. I talked to some friends at art school so this is informed by what they said too)

I’m of two minds for this, and this is under the assumption that you wanna draw forever (because I’m simple-minded in that regard). On one hand, the masochistic forever-student that I think all artists are in me wants to say practical stuff, because if you want to draw well, you just HAVE to know stuff. So, here’s my ideas on that:

Read More

I dislike the amount of text posts on the front page of this blog, so I’m gonna just stick some recent work/WIPs up.

1. Pre-thumbnail sketches, which I do before starting pieces.  Next assignment for one class I’m gonna redo a RHATO cover, so those are “thoughts” on how to draw Starfire. (HAH I GET TO DRAW STARFIRE AT FUCKING ART SCHOOL and it’s legit, yesss.)

2. Celeb caricature assignment hanging up in the hallway at school.  Every time I passed this, random people were actually reacting to it (in an art school, wow), so I guess it was a successful piece.  Nothing against Miley. (It’s also been requested as a print, so there that is.)

3. Movie pitch still.

4. Sequentials class rough (my legendary fucking teacher praises the shit out of my “use of blacks” and generally likes my camerawork, guys, I’m fucking puking rainbows!!!).

pg-chan replied to your post: pg-chan replied to your post: anonymou…

True dat X3 Any exploration would only satisfy a small percentage of fans, period. Even our fanfics have fanfics XD;;;;

NGL, I’ve written fic based on our comic that will never leave my impenetrable vault of a hard drive. 8);;;;

(I can’t even make comics of them, because fan comic of a fan comic?? That’s obnoxious.)

Anonymous asked:
Dick and Kory??

Um???  Okay, this is gonna be weird.  Maybe.

  • when i started shipping or if i ship it

When first watching the show, I was actively in denial about shipping anyone; my favorite character only used to be Robin.  However, Starfire just worms her way into your heart, and eventually I thought, “Aww, she reeeeeally wants to be his girlfriend!  She should be his girlfriend!”  That was around the time I first saw Date With Destiny.

  • my thoughts

It’s a good thing my favorite Titans happen to love each other, I guess!  I could cite stuff, but there’s an entire fandom for that.  A sorta-prince (of the Wayne family, in a way) and princess.  That’s fun.  Starfire breaking Robin out of his stoic shell, always good.  Robin being sweet and patient and teaching the foreigner about Earth, I love that (it reminds me of when I first came to the US, except I didn’t have a cute, black-hairned vigilante boyfriend to show me the ropes, my “boy” was a cute blonde. We actually did jump from rooftops? Haha. ).

When I think, “love of the ages,” though this is one of the examples that come to mind.

  • what makes me happy about them

Every combo of culture clash and romance; I am endlessly entertained by that.  Plus, they grow up to be totally sexy beasts, so woo.  Much like other ships, the fact that they offer the other significant character growth.  The fact that both are unwaveringly brave in battle and the way they fight together, that’s great.  When Robin goes out of his way to be just a little sweeter to Starfire than everyone else it brings on a nice sense of first-love nostalgia. <3

  • what makes me sad about them

Robin’s a volatile idiot.

  • things done in art/fic that annoy me

Honesty time.  This ship has made me wary of the word, “fluff,” like no other ship.  When fluff becomes too sugary or at least isn’t self-aware it bugs me, because it’s just laid on too thick to be believable.  I know that’s pretty common for any ship, but because this one’s so popular I start to get whiplash from excessive, hard, eye-rolling into the sun.

And this may make me sound like a hypocrite, because I actually like drawing Robin with Star at various times during growth spurts where Robin might be taller than Star for five minutes (he’d probably rub it in!  I think it’d be cute!), and I used to loooooooooove to draw that (without explaining, hahaha).  That being said though, an artist who doesn’t draw Starfire taller than Robin or even explain/acknowledge this will lose cred with me (especially when people put RobStar in couple pictures that were very obviously ripped off from anime, where the male is like ten feet taller than the female).  Actually, I really hate that— when someone just redraws some animu bullshit and swaps out the eye/hair color and calls it RobStar fanart I get really disappointed.

  • things i look for in art/fic

Insight.  Care.  If this is your #1 ship, you’d better get it right.

  • my kinks

NGL, I’m thinking Dom!Starfire sounds pretty good, once Dick is old enough to be Nightwing.  But when they’re young, I see their more private interactions as very sweet.

  • who i’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other

Indifferent to the rest of Dick Grayson’s romantic life outside of Starfire.  But I am totally convinced their breakup would somehow always be his damned fault, and for that, I’d want him to watch Starfire be insanely happy with, oh, Red X (YES.).  Or dating Aqualad, Cyborg, Raven, BB, even Aquaman. Hell even (TTG) Speedy (who I thought had inklings of being kinda sweet in The Date) if it meant Robin’d wake up every morning and hit his head on the wall for being such a colossal idiot.

(Really, if they couldn’t be together, I’d want Red X to steal her from Robin before Dick could break up with Starfire, and remind Robin how you treat a princess.  I know that’s oddly specific.  I just wouldn’t want Starfire to get dumped. :| )

  • my happily ever after for them

Blahblahblah birth of Mar’i, shenanigans with grandpa Batman and Auntie Blackfire, varied reactions to Damian getting with their little girl, vacation home in Tamaran, maybe grandkids, crime fight until death.