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Was editing and just thought y’all had to hear this! Lol. A little excerpt from our spotlight of the Boston Metaphysical Society.

UH, so we’re in the middle of recording a podcast (blooper review!) and they told me about this outtake that I barely remember?? 8|

This is what I’ve been up to lately; almost done…
1. Nave (aka out in the hall, public critique) of ALL work from one class.
2. Late-night inking a comic for another class; final project.
3. In-class zine construction (+ Thai iced tea)
4. The sheer destruction of my work area at home.


The highest percentage of people who remove my artist comments are people who reblog my non-Teen Titans pictures.

Seriously, man, literally every piece of fanart on this blog that’s not TT just has comments removed before some flood of reblogs. RUUUUUUUDE. It’s like you don’t know this concept; y’all bunch of basic-ass bitches.


A day at my art school.

Since I haven’t been around I thought I’d show you where I’ve been lately (here’s today).

1. Get to school early, nap in the lounge. I love that hanging ceiling sculpture.

2. Sometimes I see encouraging graffiti in the bathroom (right now: “I’m in so much pain, it takes everything I have inside to come to school.” “I been there. It will get better. I promise. Nothing lasts forever, not even the bad things… Remember you are loved.”)

3. Final project in my illustration class is a two-page comic, so we had to spend the day reading them, of course! So much cool stuff.

4. Had to hit the nearby art store for something. On the way: POOP. With googly eyes!

5. Art store was giving away chocolate cake with cherries today! (Their 30-year anniversary. Scoooore!)

The lifestyle really does make up for the extreme exhaustion on a regular basis, tight deadlines, and high standards. Speaking of which… Gotta go. 8);;;;

My night: Working on a character design and screaming, “YOUR MOUTH IS DUMB” in an empty room.

So I logged into DeviantArt today

"Hm, new comments on the comic, let’s see what’s going on here (as if I couldn’t guess)"


"Yep. *leaves*"

I laughed, because LOOK WHAT PG-CHAN AND I DID TO THIS PERSON but it doesn’t mean I like this.

I know I say it a lot but Tumblr is awesome, because you guys are awesome, and why are more people rude on Deviantart, IDEK?  Every time I log into DA it just makes me more thankful for all of you guys. ♥

A Serious Question For Aspiring Comics Creators


Okay, in the past couple years, I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to help people who are hoping to work in comics achieve their goals. I might not be the best person or the most informed person on this topic, but I genuinely want to see as many of you make that leap as possible, and there have been some great success stories of people who have made the jump, or are in the process of doing so. Huzzahs!

So my question is this…it’s a new year.

If you are making this a goal, if you want to work in comics on any level (webcomics, comics journalism, mainstream, indy, mini comics, whatever), what is your plan for THIS YEAR to make that happen?

What do you plan to do right away, asap, to set you on the path of making comics?

Any answers are welcome.

Wow, good timing!  Last year at about this time I made a return to drawing (my first love), and made a pledge to draw every day.  The beginning of that year was spent in relative isolation (on a cruise ship, ha ha).  I spent every possible waking hour working on comic pages, and that year I did, in fact, draw nearly every day (with the exception of some crazy holiday obligations).

On the 8th of this month I deleted almost all of my old artwork as motivation to do newer, better artwork, and I’ve had my nose to the desk since then.  My freelance design work was severely dialed back in order to make time to develop my drawing style and make portfolio work, and in the meantime I’m rereading like every book I own about drawing and comics.  I’m also taking this chance to read comics I never got around to reading before (studying!).  By the end of the month I hope to have the first pieces for my digital painting portfolio finished, and the start of some sequential work.  My husband’s been supportive as hell and believes in me at times when I don’t.  I’m learning how to use that self-doubt as leverage instead of weight.

Can I Just…

Totally thank you guys for not nagging about getting TTX out faster?  Most people are nice on DeviantArt too, but there’s an annoying minority there who… are rude.  The private message I just got in my DA inbox?  Ugh, entitlement city.

Meanwhile on Tumblr, I’ve got anonymous asks enabled and not one person has sent an angry word about TTX’s release schedule.  It’s been on Tumblr for like ten months now.  You guys are awesome.

THANK YOU FOR NOT SUCKING, seriously, you guys are so cool.

Anonymous asked:
how did you become interested in art? Does art influence your daily life?

In my (totally biased) opinion, I think just about everyone is interested in art— I don’t know a person who doesn’t consume it in one form or another.

But my interest in making/studying it?  We give kids crayons and expect them to entertain themselves, and at a certain age they stop.  Because my dad was a painter not only did I not stop (he had a fine art degree, so to me that’s what adults just did), but I grew up using/ruining his professional tools.  He taught me how to paint.

I had a children’s art encyclopedia that my dad and I read together, and he asked me to name the artists and works. The first piece I could ever identify was Picasso’s Three Musicians (it’s pretty big in person!), and the second was Dali’s The Persistence of Memory (it’s pretty small in person).

In my biased opinion again, nobody in the civilized world lives without art influence.  Designers control our moods with logos, colors, symbols, type, etc., If you’re a consumer of fiction you’re under the mercy of a writer, artist, or director.  Our clothes and furniture were often designed by artists.  Cars, definitely.  My cell phone and laptop?  Oh yeah.

But I’m a web/graphic designer.  Art skills pay bills quite often.  I also draw every day, even if it’s a little bit.  Upon walking into my house the first thing a person sees is my main drawing area (always stocked with a ton of supplies), and a 5’x5’ print of one of my drawings:


Ugh, this stuff makes me sound like a pretentious douchebag snowflake but it’s just my life.

I’m ready.

Tomorrow (which is in under 4 hours) is 24 hour comic day.  In short, you stay up for 24 hours and make a 24-page comic before the day ends.

For reasons mostly outside of my control I’m stuck out of town again, in this hotel for the weekend.  I plan to stay up from 12am Saturday to 12am Sunday, working on something.

But I’m still undecided as to what to do.

Because it’s taken so long for me to work on Teen Titans: X, I’ll ask the question to you guys: should I work on a 24-page comic (might not be a Teen Titans comic; it’s really what will make my life easier for the next 24 hours), or would you guys be more interested if I worked on TTX?  

Feel free to answer if you care (or stay silent if you don’t, haha).  Should I: 

1. Do whatever, nobody cares. :D
2. Work on 24 hours of Teen Titans: X, we’ve been patient enough already!
3. 24-hour comic (and if you have an prompt that might be fun, this is where you tell me; no guarantees of course). 

I’ll be starting in 3.5 hours. :D

In my house, every room I spend lots of time in (living room, office room, bedroom) has a work area, because I’m a jerk who just sets up desks.  By the third time, my husband bought me a proper drawing table for our living room.

I like looking at work areas for ideas, and if any followers (or not followers) have pictures of your drawing (or computer) area it’d be cool to see. Reblog with your work area, if it’s not too much trouble? 8|