Ugh, my drawings are a pain in the butt to ink, there’s too much crap to ink, it’s making me sleepy.  >8|

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Sent in this term’s project proposal

And now shit’s getting real.

My summer class got out early today, and we all parted saying, “See you guys in Japan! Next meeting, 8:30 a.m., Wednesday, IN TOKYO.”

Semester ended today, whew. Here’s a bathroom chalk drawing, free pizza during crunch week, and then my teacher taking us out for pizza and beer!! LP project crit and a shot of my record design out of the sleeve, and the mini digital paint show. :) it was rough but that’s life.

Edit: oh yeah and I forgot to get a pic of the therapy dogs they brought to school for everyone to cuddle~~!! DX

Haha omg

That post I wrote about never knowing who you’re talking to in public just went all meta at Free Comic Book Day today.  We were telling my friends about what happened with my tarot cards assignment.

When we get to the part where we say, “Yeah, so that waitress goes, ‘So Ale Garza’s my uncle… and actually Jim Lee sorta is too since he stole his wife—” out of NOWHERE this guy a small distance away just blurts out, “HAH.  He DID!!!  He so DID.”  

Yeah, turns out he knew them both because he worked in comics for a while, too.  He went into detail about how, but I only heard parts of it.

Comic world.  SMALL.  Holy crap, I’m laffin.

Was too tired last night and forgot there was a story with those tarot card roughs!

Last night I’m sitting in a restaurant with Husband, cleaning up the tarot sketches and the waitress comes up and says, “Wow, are these yours? They’re good. I mean, -really- good.”

Yeah, okay, you draw in public, people say things. It’s usually okay or can be obnoxious sometimes. I thank her and she asks if I’ve ever thought about doing something big.

"Sure," I say. "I’ll be done with school next year."

"Oh, I was just asking because my uncle ‘Ollie’ works for Jim Lee on Spiderman… "

Eyebrows raise.  Eventually we had to ask her to spell her uncle’s name because it’s Ale Garza.  And yeah, I don’t correct her and say that Ale Garza actually worked on Titans and now Deadpool because Jim Lee’s actually heading DC; if you’re not into comics there’s no difference.  So her uncle is Ale Garza, oh and actually, her uncle is sorta Jim Lee too, but that’s only because Ale Garza’s ex wife married Jim Lee so her cousins are living it up because Jim Lee’s super rich.  I don’t think she has any pull (and I have no work to show) so I just tell her “Wow, yeah, I know who those guys are and Jim Lee is like everyone’s childhood hero including mine. 8|;;;;”

But she closes with “Well, yeah, I just wanted to say you’re actually really good,” and suddenly that means something.  So:

1. You never know who you’re talking to in public.
2. Actually the comic world is really small (which is what I’m learning from the guests we keep having in sequentials class).  Everything used to seem so far away until recently.

AHH, I can’t wait to use that spray paint for my next project, the pic doesn’t show its true brightness. + ducks on the roof, piles of marvel and DC production pages by guest speakers, my instructor’s sketches, and a random furniture show.

Best day ever

Gonna study comics in Illustration History, yet another guest in sequentials class, and I’m nearly caught up in that class (which is difficult). Got an idea for my thesis next year, and will get to flesh that out for my final project in digital paint class to see if it’s viable.

No sleep though, oh well.

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Was editing and just thought y’all had to hear this! Lol. A little excerpt from our spotlight of the Boston Metaphysical Society.

UH, so we’re in the middle of recording a podcast (blooper review!) and they told me about this outtake that I barely remember?? 8|

This is what I’ve been up to lately; almost done…
1. Nave (aka out in the hall, public critique) of ALL work from one class.
2. Late-night inking a comic for another class; final project.
3. In-class zine construction (+ Thai iced tea)
4. The sheer destruction of my work area at home.


The highest percentage of people who remove my artist comments are people who reblog my non-Teen Titans pictures.

Seriously, man, literally every piece of fanart on this blog that’s not TT just has comments removed before some flood of reblogs. RUUUUUUUDE. It’s like you don’t know this concept; y’all bunch of basic-ass bitches.