pg-chan replied to your photo “I didn’t hear who our guest inker will be tonight in sequentials class…”

omg, those bug arms/legs! Does she have wings that’ll unfurl too? :3 Or antennae? Does she eat flowers? ;_; omg, so cute.

See, I love her and think she’s adorable.  8);;;;;;;;;;;

But technically, she, uh, would eat her boyfriend.  She’s gonna rip his wings off of his back (because this is a comic version of hide’s Pink Spider, with some small adjustments~ :D ).

Otherwise, though, she’s adorable and sweet!  Except for that one time she killed her boyfriend to escape her mundane, prejudice-filled life. 8|;;;;;


A thumbnail, rocket engine, and tool designs.  Doing visdev for a (hypothetical) adaptation of Red Hood and the Outlaws to animation.  (OMG drawing those mechanical things was so fun.  Wow, I drew them so quickly.)  

Those colors, they’re just blah gradient maps; not the real ones yet.

I dislike the amount of text posts on the front page of this blog, so I’m gonna just stick some recent work/WIPs up.

1. Pre-thumbnail sketches, which I do before starting pieces.  Next assignment for one class I’m gonna redo a RHATO cover, so those are “thoughts” on how to draw Starfire. (HAH I GET TO DRAW STARFIRE AT FUCKING ART SCHOOL and it’s legit, yesss.)

2. Celeb caricature assignment hanging up in the hallway at school.  Every time I passed this, random people were actually reacting to it (in an art school, wow), so I guess it was a successful piece.  Nothing against Miley. (It’s also been requested as a print, so there that is.)

3. Movie pitch still.

4. Sequentials class rough (my legendary fucking teacher praises the shit out of my “use of blacks” and generally likes my camerawork, guys, I’m fucking puking rainbows!!!).




Its even better in real life, all those little details I couldn’t see before =D

Whoa, WHOA.  Whoa, totally surreal, but I’m also glad the print came out okay! :O

Moleskine shots. I like having a sketchbook with cream-colored paper, it makes my sketches look classy as fuck.

1. Got some rapidograph pens at a criminally cheap price and sketched some plain-clothes Titans.

2. Pen and ink sketching (I love yellow ink!) from when my kitty was still alive a few weeks ago.

Current project in Digital Paint class— theme is “magic.”

So, I started with the three black and white thumbs below.  Teacher picked one that read the best (good silhouette, most obvious action), and then I submitted two color schemes today (after retooling the pose and composition).


Assignment for my digital paint class where I gave a character from Home Alone a fantasy remix.  I remixed Kevin into Kendall (because I prefer girl protagonists :) ), and reimagined her as an apprentice swordsman/mage/alchemist.  Up there were my color options, too. 

(Trying to figure out where my finishes went; I went with the color scheme on the left, as it was more heroic.)

Last assignment for one class is to make a zine about our obsessions (and print 20 copies to trade with everyone, oh dear). Besides my purpley prototype version I’m doing variant covers in those shades up there, and am just biting the bullet by admitting I have a problem, seeing as Starfire’s the unofficial mascot of that book (she’s on 50% of the pages). 8|

I actually did some fun things with the art I had to reuse, too, of course.  Printing this was a nightmare, though.