Hastily assembling comic books in the car to turn in my sequentials final, hahahaaa~

(I highly recommend owning a Swingline stapler if you do this often, which i do now.)

1. Panel from the page that’s due tomorrow (oh god somebody help).
2. I had to canonize her features first, but didn’t have enough time to do a proper character orthograph/turnaround.

Tarot card roughs. The roughly colored one is going to finish, I was adding color with a crayon in a dark parking lot because that’s what happens to your life at some point.

pg-chan replied to your photo “I didn’t hear who our guest inker will be tonight in sequentials class…”

omg, those bug arms/legs! Does she have wings that’ll unfurl too? :3 Or antennae? Does she eat flowers? ;_; omg, so cute.

See, I love her and think she’s adorable.  8);;;;;;;;;;;

But technically, she, uh, would eat her boyfriend.  She’s gonna rip his wings off of his back (because this is a comic version of hide’s Pink Spider, with some small adjustments~ :D ).

Otherwise, though, she’s adorable and sweet!  Except for that one time she killed her boyfriend to escape her mundane, prejudice-filled life. 8|;;;;;


A thumbnail, rocket engine, and tool designs.  Doing visdev for a (hypothetical) adaptation of Red Hood and the Outlaws to animation.  (OMG drawing those mechanical things was so fun.  Wow, I drew them so quickly.)  

Those colors, they’re just blah gradient maps; not the real ones yet.