Oh yeah, BTW, seeing that shot of Robin as Red X eating pizza made me irrationally happy. 8);

(Not because I think anyone has seen that comic… just because Red X costume + pizza.)

This is Kry’s and PG’s fault, because of this and this.

Plus, I inexplicably had a break between classes, so~ 8)

First pic of my OT3 maybe?  Originally deleted this but it’s actually not so bad with different colors..? Ugh, I’m too busy to draw fanart so you guys get remixes, sorry. DX

Anonymous asked:
Hero Red X chasing Villain Starfire across rooftops after she's stolen something, and him actually hitting her with an X and making her fall down to the ground. He runs up to her because he's genuinely worried that he's hurt her and then she just lays a kiss on him before eyeblasting him in the face and escaping. Can you imagine? :3 <3

<3 !!  Hell yeah, son!!!

(Of course If it were me, when he’d go to check on her I’d have her eyeblast the crap out of him, and while he was stunned bend a rooftop antenna or something around his limbs to staple him into the roof, climb onto him, lift his mask a little, get reeeeeal close…

And then Star says something like “I have heard that you earthlings use the ‘safety word.’  Perhaps you could show me how this works.” Right as X is starting to wiggle free, and she gets away as he starts to shoot another X.)

SO sad I don’t have time for all of this. DX

Anonymous asked:
so who do you wish/think red x is?

My favorite thing about Red X is that we just don’t know, and because we don’t know who he is we don’t know his true motivation for anything.  Not against him being Jason Todd, but I roll my eyes a little when people act like it’s fact (and I think that the Red X Unmasked short can simultaneously seen as a jab and a high five towards people who like that theory).

But when the show was airing my gut reaction about his identity became the basis for this comic (that, yes, I am still working on with PG-chan, I put up thumbs for her to see before school started. 8D).

Another characterization that I like (okay, love) is in Kry’s fic, Secrets of the Heart, where we get something new but plausible.

There was also an AU fic I read where Robin was actually Jason Todd and Red X was a Dick Grayson who never got adopted by Bruce.  I thought that was cool.

Not to be a dick, but he will never be Xavier Redd to me.

After all this time, though, I really think Red X is: 

  1. Similar to Robin in physical capabilities
  2. Able/willing to do things Robin can’t/won’t
  3. Probably an okay guy
  4. Just kidding
  5. Not kidding
  6. ???

And I hope we never find out who he is. 8)