{CCS Secret Santa} StarX & FioLee ~ I Knew You Were Trouble

by Moones95


Published on Dec 26, 2013

Merry Christmas Miss IDGAF :D

I had plans on adding Zuko X Katara in the last part of the song but I didn’t have enough time for that XD

Credits (deviantArt):
0:00 Amy (WendyAtticus) http://fav.me/d5d9vwe
0:01 Fionna (Biruri) http://fav.me/d4kbiqa

0:28 & 0:52 Teen Titans X (pinku)http://pinku.deviantart.com/gallery/3…
0:32 StarX (CaramelApple) http://caramelapple.deviantart.com/ar…
0:47 StarX Kiss (CaramelApple) http://fav.me/d1035xu
0:59 StarX Kiss? (TarelElenar) http://fav.me/d1wbk11

1:46 & 1:58 A Long Song (DrawingGirl546)http://drawinggirl546.deviantart.com/…
1:49 ATFC (Little-Miss-Boxie) http://fav.me/d6ayhtr

Yay for finding awesome comics XD

Song: I knew you were trouble
Artist: Taylor Swift
Show used: Teen Titans, Adventure Time (Fionna and Cake (season 3 episode 5a) & Bad Little Boy (Season 5 Episode 11))

tarisilmarwen have you seen this? Haha!

Oh yeah, BTW, seeing that shot of Robin as Red X eating pizza made me irrationally happy. 8);

(Not because I think anyone has seen that comic… just because Red X costume + pizza.)

Hey, remember that comic that accidentally made me ship StarX PG-chan and I were heavily working on when I first joined Tumblr? 8)  Like I always say, we’re still poking at it when possible.

Here are random rough panels from the new pages.  Not all of these panels have stayed, though.

Anonymous asked:
Where is the rest of part 2?


Don’t ask when, though, ‘cause I’ve got tons of stuff going on.

rainbowbraille asked:
holy shit your art style is gorgeous! :O all kinds of lovely - and your comic is really great as well (tell the other person um PG-Chan? many thanks as well~!). but I have the sudden and irresistible urge to draw starfire, character from a show I didn't really watch, getting a dicking from all sorts of masked, black haired vigilantes because of you as well. goddammit.

Wah, thank you!  The comic’s a work of love from both of PG-chan and I (I swear I’m working on it this weekend). :D

You should totally draw it, because Star’s adorable (and because, well, drawing = ♥! haha.), and because certain black-haired vigilantes are pretty sexy and [babbling about shipping]. 8D

harryohsborn asked:
Hi. This is a message simply to thank you for the more-than-just-amazing work you've done. I can't explain how amazing your Teen Titans: X comic or those little snippet comics or those wonderful 'doodles' are. I can't wait for the sequel to your Teen Titans: X and I want you to know that I can spend my entire day going through all your works on robstar and starx. Thank you and keep up the great work! :)

You’re being sweet, giving compliments, and thanking me for something I do to enjoy/entertain myself (and maybe 1 or 2 friends).  I always feel like my work can’t be enjoyed because it’s not perfect but when people like you say things like that, I’m glad to have taken the risk to post it. 

BLESS YOU, you are amazing and kind! ♥

cherryflavoredchalk asked:
Hi there! :) I just have a quick question. I love your RedX/Starfire comic you have on deviantart & I was just wondering when are you going to update it? Message back when you can!

Thanks! :)

Just updated it today.  It’s updated when possible but PG-chan and I have to fit it around real life, of course. :D

I’m not sure PG’s seen the newest page yet, so it’s possible these panels won’t look the same later:


But we do what we can. :)

acexlove replied to your photo: It’s back. Page 26 and 27 of Teen Titans: X; a…

loving the way the comics going but agh u have me shipping star and red X now kkefhfkhefakfh

Yeah, sorry about that— it wasn’t really our intent to even push for that but HERE WE ARE NOW. 8D;;;;;

Anonymous asked:
Wow. I just read your comic. WHERE'S PART TWO!? MUST READ!! And, unless I'm very much mistaken, is your Red X a clone, or some alternate version? Because I do like that it is some form of Robin, and not Jason Todd. Jason Todd is Red Hood, not X. But seriously, very nice fan comic! The story is coherent(thus far), the art is amazing... I'm waiting anxiously for the next installment.

SORRY, SORRY, I’m having a hard time dealing with work so it’s taken a long time, but I really REALLY aim to get something posted at the end of this week.  

And hopefully when we roll the next part out, who we think he is will become clear and this stuff will be answered.  Thank you for reading (well, thank ALL of you for reading!) and more than that, thank you (and PG-chan too XD) for being patient with my slow ass.  Normally I don’t feel the need to apologize for doing whatever I want in my spare time, but you guys have been so cool and nice, I wanna show gratitude by finally getting the next pages done.



??!! And I wasn’t gonna read my dash today, wow. O______________O ♥


Hey, PG-chan~ o.oh) 

Anonymous asked:
how long does it usually take to make a page of the red x comic?

TL:DR warning.

In short, it depends on a lot of factors.  Maybe 6-12 hours on average (start to finish, solid work without life interfering), but I think the longest I’ve ever spent on a page in this comic (page 18, the nightmare page) would probably be around 30 hours (roughly).  That fucking page…

The answer’s complicated, though.  I can sketch one out in an evening (2-6 hours) at a leisurely pace, but finished pages depend on these things: 

• How many panels involve detailed background work (page 18 background lineart, man…).  I’m faster at drawing figures than backgrounds, so drawing/inking figures often takes less time.

• How many panels are in a page (seriously page 18 wins again).  It doesn’t always matter if it’s big or small because it generally takes the same amount of time to set up layer groups and masks for big or small panels in Photoshop when I’m toning.

• How tough the revisions are.  I sketch, PG-chan reviews, we talk about it and then I go back to adjust. (The kiss page went through three revisions?  IIRC?)  I try to keep the release time short by starting a finished version ASAP.  Yes, it allows for errors, but errors are better than not having a comic.  After some amount of time passes I go back and fix the bigger regrets (can’t do this in a print production environment; good thing it’s a hobby.)  (If you’ve been around since the beginning maybe you remember the old toning style we used to use, and that two pages still had it for a loooong while?  I finally fixed that last month, and added some background art to a couple of older pages since they were made before I grew the balls to just do proper background art already.)

Soapbox time: I’ve worked in design/production environments since high school.  In my experience nitpicking will KILL a project.  I’ve seen clients who come to us from other companies because they burned through thousands of dollars through minuscule revisions.  One woman, despite all of our warnings and insistence on sticking to the production timeline, or the original quote, the revision limit, etc., even blew 12 grand because she couldn’t decide which shade of pink/coral she wanted.  ”NO, no, just go back and change it.  I NEED THIS PERFECT NOW.”  Before she could get her site off the ground Amazon came out with a tool that totally destroyed the point of her site.  SHE WASTED HER LIFE SAVINGS BECAUSE THE SHADE OF CORAL WASN’T MAKING HER HAPPY, after picking a new one like 40 times.

Let’s just say I (mostly) live by the done manifesto these days. 

• Always and forever, release time is affected by how stressful my work life is.  Sorry it’s been so long since last release, but I’m mentally ready to come back (to TTX) now.  It’s better this way.

Uh, and in case anyone’s wondering we’re doing a two-page spread for the beginning of Part 2 because I’ve never done one before and might as well learn how. 8D  (We treat it as a print project even though I can’t even legally get books printed, since TT is under American copyright.  Just for practice.)

raspberry-eyed asked:
I really like your comic and i'm waiting for next part. I think that If that guy isn't Dick it have to be Jason Todd- Red Hood. And can you tell me, did you think or try to draw pic with Star and Todd? I love Starfire and know every published comic with her(LOVE DC version), and i thought this couple can good look on your pic. What do you think?

(First, sorry if I didn’t get what you were asking!)

Thank you!

Haven’t thought about drawing them together.  It’s easy to see how people would like them together (especially if you read Red Hood and the Outlaws), but I’m indifferent to Jason/Starfire personally.  It’s probably because I’m a fan of the TV series. (Yeah, I know, to some that means I’m not a “real” fan, but OH WELL, don’t have time for much more. ;) )

But, if I had to draw them in a picture together I’d try my very best to make it meaningful, cute, or sexy. :)

sarsaparillia asked:
Is he an alternate-timeline Robin, then? He doesn't look much older than Star is, and his hair isn't douchebaggy enough to be Nightwing's. He clearly has met the entire team at some point, because he's got ~angst~ over them, so... parallel universe!Robin who got thrown through a wormwhole or something?

Haha, well, the problem with answering this question too precisely is usually the fact that there’s a point where I either say it or make a comic— and the real excuse for even bringing it up is to make the comic. :D

But I really think the TV series gave us enough to work with, in terms of identifying him.

(And I think the irony about all of this is that even though our whole point of making the comic was to say who we think he is and how, there’s also a bit of minutiae that I don’t think matters as long as the general idea is there.)