Meant to do just a sketch, yikes.

So, yeah, have you guys checked out shock777's Teen Titans fantasu AU yet?

(This is based off of both designs by shock777 and nikanono but I wanted to change up stuff to adjust to my style and balance out my picture D8 )


Oh yeah, BTW, seeing that shot of Robin as Red X eating pizza made me irrationally happy. 8);

(Not because I think anyone has seen that comic… just because Red X costume + pizza.)

School starts this week so, superfast, I sketched out stuff I won’t have time to draw otherwise!

1. Raven/Red X request
2. Inspired by a StarX drabble(?) where Star’s the criminal and X is the crime fighter
3. Lady Legasus x Starfire the Terrible youknowyouwantit~~
4. “Get in my round bed.”